The off-season is underway and the moves have started. Alex Goldman has joined Edmonton Impact. After a stand out year with Los Angeles Infamous, Goldman in venturing north to join follow ex-Aftermath player Raney Stanczak.

More interesting though is what this means for Impact’s snake side. In 2015 Impact added Keith Brown to their roster, Brown has played very well this year showing improvement every tournament and played a role in Impacts recent success.

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Impact now has three very strong snake player, Keith Brown, Justin Cornell and Alex Goldman. So who will play the snake side? My bet would be on Goldman and Brown. Goldman being the main guy and Brown filling in when Goldman needs a rest.

There is also the gap in the dorito side that needs to be filled after Chad Busiere was let go earlier in the week. This is where I think Impact will place Chad. We have seen Cornell play everywhere this year, from the center, snake and the doritos. Cornell switching to the dorito side would leave, Cornell and Nick Leival.

Only time will tell, make sure to keep and eye peeled for some Impact practice videos!



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