Over the past few years Empire has been at the top of the gear bag game. They have made bags that are high quality and have specific compartments designed for paintball.

Empire’s 2016 gear bags are no exception, this time both the higher end XLT and the lower XLR have built it hardshell mask compartments.

HK Army Paintball HK Army Joint Folding...
  • Lightweight compact folaable design
  • Robust Injection Molded Polymer
  • Securely holds your paintball marker with tank and loader

The F6 XLT hasn’t changed much for the previous year, it is more of a refresh to fit Empire correct design trend.

The F6 XLR on the other had in an entirely new bag that Empire has not offered before. It has been well over 4 year since we have seen a bag from Empire that was worth buying that was sup $250, and the XLR comes in at $179.95. Essentially the XLR is just a small versions of the XLT, for some of us this is great. I personally do not need all the space that the XLT offers, I take to the field what I need and not three of everything.