wcppl-logoOver the past few weeks we have heard rumblings that the WCPPL are looking to run a stand alone event in Chicago later in the year.

This would be a big move for the WCPPL as they have been a West Coast only league since their inception in 2009.

This past month, the WCPPL were being pressured by the NXL to join as there West Coast affiliate. They declined the offer and thus the PCPL was created by the NXL and Dave Bains to compete directly with the WCPPL.

All this may be sending the WCPPL into reaction mode where they do make the big step at becoming a National league, or perhaps making a East Coast or Mid-West version of the WCPPL.

Players love the WCPPL. On the West Coast, the WCPPL is the league to play and they regularly draws 50+ teams for their events. This past week the league drew 66 for it’s Beach City tournament at Camp Pendleton Paintball Park.

Perhaps this love could make the league work elsewhere.



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