For the past few years, Valken has been the leader in paintball-specific camouflage. The company’s pants can be seen, it seems, at every paintball field and scenario around the globe. They come in many different patterns and styles of woodsball gear. The Tango pants are some of Valken’s newest tactical pants.

The Tangos are built for the player who wants extreme durability and the best camouflage patterns. The Tango pants come in three patterns—OCP (Multicam), Woodland, and Tiger Stripe—in sizes XS to 4XL.

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The Tango pants are made from heavy-duty ripstop cotton through the majority of the pant with some spots of cordura fabric for extra durability.

The padding on the knee is ample but not overkill and is articulated for easy movement. One of the best features of the pants is the Velcro straps on the sides of the knees that allow the pants to be tightened down for a slimmer-fitting knee line.

The pants have lots pockets! Two on the butt, four hip pockets (two on each side), two thigh pockets, two cargo pockets, and two small calf pockets. That’s 12 pockets. So if you need to carry everything, you can.

Another handy feature is the zippers at the bottom of the pant legs that zip up about eight inches. The zippers make it much easier to get the pants over boots and the pant legs have Velcro straps to tighten them around the boots.

Overall, we like the Tango pants. They come in some great patterns. There are many sizes and they have tons of storage. In summer, though, they may be hot as there is no ventilation.


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