The Virtue VIO XS marks Virtue’s third rendition of the Virtue VIO. The VIO XS is a rendition or a redesign of the original VIO Contour. The Virtue VIO XS use the same lens, goggle frame, strap and ears that are found of the VIO Contour. So what’s the point?

Since the mask isn’t all that different, this will be more of an overview and not a review in the typical sense. If you want a full review look for reviews of the VIO Contour and take into account that the bottom has changed.

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When the VIO was released most people loved it, unfortunately I was not one of them. Sure the mask was great it was built well, came in a bunch of colors and was comfortable. For myself though the mask was to small and ventilation was not the best. Coming from JT and Empire masks I want a paintball mask that I can do wind sprints in and breath like there is nothing on my head. The VIO Contour was not this mask.

Along comes the VIO Extends. The Extends was supposed to be the mask that fixed the problems some people had with the Contour. The Extend bottom was bigger and in turn was supposed to increase ventilation. While the Extend did accomplish its goals, the thing was just huge, it was without questions the tallest and biggest paintball mask on the market.

The XS is a mix in size between the Contour and the Extend. Mixing the two sizes of the mask makes the XS sit right in the middle between the Contour and the Extends. The XS takes the same breathability as the Extend but cuts a little off the sides and the chin, making the mask have a smaller overall profile. The XS bottom does look much better and is similar in size to the Empire E-Flex. Taking form the Empire and JT masks, Virtue has also added a bit of flexibility to the bottom. The flexibility should add a bit of comfort and possibly aid in getting a few bounces.

While I think the XS is an improvement over the Contour and Extend, ill likely stick with my JT ProFlex and Empire E-Flex.


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