Keeping super up to date with the Millennium is a bit hard when you are based in California, and games start at 1AM. This guy needs his beauty sleep, and from 1AM to 7AM is my prime beauty recovery time, so watching live games almost never happens. Sometimes I can catch live games early in the morning, but most of the time not :(. I’m still catching up and watching matches over at, thank god they post the recorded matches as soon as the days ends.

All this hoopla over the Millennium series requiring chinstrap, looks like it was for not. As of now the MS is not imposing the rule and not a single person has a chinstrap snapped, some guys have them on masks but they are not connected (Thomas Taylor style).

Take aways from day 1: Impact is a pretty good paintball team and Nick Leival is a decent paintball player. Really though, Impact beat Syndicate and Carnage easily and it seems like Nick shot 3 guys a point. The TonTons also looked very strong, handily beating Comin At Ya and with the only shutout of the day against Firm. While both TonTons and Impact looked good, their games were against a few of the weaker teams in the league.

Speaking of the weaker teams, London Nexus got their first win of the season over fellow countrymen Manchester Firm.

Day 1 Scores:

Scorpions Milano v Breakout Spa – Scorpions win 5:3
Polar Bears Tarko Sale v Ground Kontrol Paris – Polar Bears win 6:1
GI Houston Heat v MLKings Prague – MLKings win 4:5
PPArena Pilsen v Drammen Solid – PPArena win 5:3
Toulouse TonTons v Offenburg Comin At Ya – TonTons win 6:1
Manchester Firm v London Nexus – Nexus win 4:7
Edmonton Impact v Frankfurt Syndicate- Impact win 6:1
Paris Camp Carnage v Outrage Valence – Carnage win 4:3
Polar Bears Tarko Sale v Breakout Spa – Breakout win 3:5
Ground Kontrol Paris v Scorpions Milano – Scorpions win 3:4
PPArena Pilsen v GI Houston Heat – Heat win 1:6
MLKings Prague v Drammen Solid – Solid win 1:5
Manchester Firm v Toulouse Tontons – TonTons win 0:5
Offenburg Comin At Ya v London Nexus – Comin At Ya win 6:1
Edmonton Impact v Paris Camp Carnage – Impact win 6:1
Frankfurt Syndicate v Outrage Valence – Outrage win 2:4



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