Virtue Spire III Details

Chris Williams of Virtue Paintball posted a quick video today on PBNation showing off the new Virtue Spire. Williams had this to say –

It’s significantly faster, although the most important consideration for us was no jamming, soft on paint and reliable. If you’re after speed, you’d definitely be happy though.

The Spire has been out for quite a long time and it looks like it is time for a refresh. While the loader is great as is, there are few places that could be improved. Of all the electronic hoppers on the market the current version of the Spire is amongst the slowest. Making the loader feed faster would be a huge plus for serious rec or scenario players.

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Durability has always been a problem with the Spire and it is my biggest complaint. There are bits on the lid that break off, the drive cone wears out and the color trims pieces around the shells are not the strongest. Just making a stronger shell system would make me buy in.

From Chris’ statement it sounds like the loader will feed much quicker and from the looks of the video make it looks like Virtue have gotten rid of the clear back-shell and opted for a much more durable plastic throughout the hopper.

There is a lot of new gear coming out this year! It is going to be a crazy World Cup and off-season! Looks for tons of new reviews and videos soon!


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