Its been a very long time since a new brand has instantly captured my attention. Carbon is based out of Minnesota and their primary focus is creating technical, lightweight and performance paintball gear. All of the Carbon Paintball gear will be on display at the NXL World Cup from November 4th-6th.

Carbon Paintball SC Harness

The Carbon SC Harness is a strap-less design like the HK Army Zero-G or Bunker Kings Supreme Pack. The SC Harness’s differentiating feature is its adjustable airbag belt. The SC Harness has an airbag that runs the hip portion of the belt and can be deflated or inflated, to increase comfort and stability. Ohhhh yeah it’s $129.95 and available now.

Exalt Paintball Carbon Series Marker...
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Exalt Paintball Carbon Series Marker...
  • Padded, water resistant exterior prevents incidental damage to your marker in storage
  • Microfiber interior absorbs any residual moisture and prevents scratches
  • Fold-flat construction allows use of bag as a work surface to keep oil and paint from making a mess

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Carbon Paintball SC Pants

The SC pants remind me of the Dye UL pants, super lightweight and minimal. The SC pants don’t have padding, something I’m a fan of (if you frequent this site you should know that). The inside of the pants are made from, water-resistant fabric (a unique feature as far as I know). They won’t keep you dry but should help if the ground is a bit wet or there is still an early morning due on the ground. Judging by the price of the harness I’m guessing a price around $229.95, available November 14th.

Carbon Paintball SC Jersey

Just like SC Pants the SC Jersey is made from super-lightweight Cordura weave fabric. The elbows and forearms of the SC Jersey are made from multiple layers or Cordura, fabric making them extra durable a thumb-hole allows for some added security and protection. Available November 14th.

Carbon Paintball SC Protective Gear

The SC Protection line is, minimal and sleek. Thin padding is found through the line, encouraging fast movement and superior ventilation. The tops and bottoms both use muscle compression, making them stay in place and wick away moisture.

I have wanted a good pair of slider pants for years….The NeoSkins just done fit me correct, so I’m praying that the SC protective pants fit me! They look great, lots of compression and thin pads. I’m a fan of the thin pads, as most of the time I play on artificial turf. Can’t wait to get my hands on the bottoms! Available November 14th.


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Carbon Paintball SC Bags

Gear bags……Available November 14th.


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