are bring back stats to the NXL!

Finally. Admittedly I’m a nerd, I love statistics, I’m that guy that enjoyed going to math and statistics classes. So you could same that I’m mildly happy that stats are back in paintball.

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Fans love stats, all sports fans know this. It’s fun to be able to look at who is the best rebounder in the league or who has the best completion rate. The problem with keeping stats is that they cost a lot of money! You have to have staff on the field, solely for the purpose of watching matches. With some sports like basketball or baseball one or two guys can get the job done, paintball is a whole ‘nother animal. Things happen so fast in paintball and often it is difficult to tell who did what to whom; so you need at least four dedicated staff to watch points.

Overhead is the main reason that the NXL have not kept stats. It is good to know that the league is going well and the NXL are OK with spending the cash it takes to make the game better for those of us watching at home.

Make sure to check and November 3rd-6th to catch all the stats and live matches.


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