A few days ago My Fanwagon released the top players for the 2016 NXL World Cup. By now most of you know that Edmonton Impact took home the victory in the Pro division. To little surprise Impact have quite a few players at the top of the My Fanwagon rankings.

My Fanwagon is ranking Nick Leival 1st overall. While Leival was the best player at the event and possibly has been the best player in the world this year, I don’t like how My Fanwagon came to there conclusion. My Fanwagon simply rank players on how many kills they have. Ranking players purely based on kills is flawed, all it is really showing you is the best player on the best team.

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Leival did have the most kills but—he also played more points than any other player. Naturally if you play more points and are given more opportunities you would have more kills. The best example of this is the player right below Leival; Archie Montemayor.

Montemayor played 6 less points than Leival but only had 3 fewer kills. If Montemayor played 59 points like Leival he could have had a 55 kills…..so is Leival better than Montemayor?

I would much prefer My Fanwagon use the KP (Points/Kills) metric to determine overall ranking. Ranking players based on KP would allow good players on teams that don’t make it to the finals to make the list. Lets just take all the players that have played 30 points and rank them by their KP. This names on the list might not change to much but the order should.

My Fanwagon Top 10 Players

PaintballRuinedMyLife Top 10 Player (Best KP, min. 30 Points Played)



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