Polar Bears Tarko Sale are leaving HK Army and Planet Eclipse and will be using Dye gear for the 2017 season. The Team will be hand to toe in Dye gear, M2, I5, R2 and UL apparel.

The Polar Bears are probably best known in the US, as the team that Ryan Greenspan and Oliver Lang played for. In their own right the Polar Bears are a pretty good paintball team, but possibly a bit better when Oliver and Ryan were on the team. 2017 will mark the Polar Bears 5th year playing in the Champions League in the Millennium. Last year the team finished 10th place overall, with a placing never better than 9th.

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“We have a huge potential and winning mentality and we are convinced that we will reach our target. Therefore we are more than happy to have such a powerful and respected brand like DYE on our side to help us to reach our goals. DYE has a great reputation in Paintball worldwide and is exactly what we need to have a strong upcoming season…” – Anton Nikolaev



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