I’m not even going to try and explain the difference between all the Bob Long guns over the past few years, mainly because I can’t. It has gotten so confusing that I’m lost on the differences.

HK Army has purchased the exclusive rights to the Bob Long VCOM/Marq. HK Army will now be the sole distributor for the Marq series of paintball guns.

HK Army Reload Ball Hauler (Light Smoke)
  • Holds up to 1000 Paintballs
  • Easy Access Loading Spout w/ Lock Lid
  • Large Pouring Spout w/ Lock Lid
  • Five Volume Level Marks

Rumor is that HK Army will be doing everything: manufacturing, assembling, servicing and shipping the Marqs.

Getting rid of the Marq line of guns makes sense for Field One/Bob Long. The company is releasing their new high-end gun the pinnacle in a few weeks, which should be a completely new bolt system. Bob Long will have the Pinnacle, MVP and some new pop-valve gun to help streamline the brand and help reduce the confusion.

HK Army posted this.

“HK Army x Bob Long Marq. We are proud to announce that we have acquired the full rights to the Bob Long Marq system. We are excited to re-introduce one of the most efficient and accurate Paintball guns on the market. Catch @sddynasty dominating this season with the HK VCOM”

-HK Army, Instagram

A bit confusing because Dynasty is sponsored by Field One, and they said they would be using the new Pinnacle. Eric Crandall said this:

“Here’s a little clarification. Dynasty is sponsored by Field One Paintball. They are currently shooting a mix of G6R’s and Marq’s, which will likely continue until the new gun is ready for them to shoot in tournaments. We don’t know when that will be exactly because we’re not going to release the gun until it is up to our standards. It also takes time for the manufacturing process.”

-Eric Crandall, Field One

That makes a bit more sense, the Dynasty will be using the Marq sometimes, so….technically they will be “dominating” with the Marq.’



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