1. Matthew McElyea – Do you think competitive paintball will ever get to the level where those of us that play want it to be? Ex. Salaries, commercials, legitimate broadcasting, etc.

I could see salaries becoming more commonplace, right now they are kind of rare. We do have players that are on teams like Impact and Heat taking home paychecks, and there are a few select players on other teams getting paid.

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I think we have moved past the whole TV thing, and it won’t ever happen again. The purpose of TV would be to make money and draw new players. I think in the past the industry figured out that only paintball players watch paintball on TV, and even if they weren’t people don’t watch TV like they used to. The demographic we are going after for new players is 13-35 and that demographic simply doesn’t watch TV like it used to 10 years ago. to be honest most of the people in that age group aren’t just randomly flipping around on the TV and catching paintball on TV.

2. Eric Agnew – Thoughts on the paintball combine, is it worth it? Do people actually get “scouted”?

For sure! Edmonton Impact actually add Caleb Thorsen to their practice squad. Caleb, attends most of the Impact practices and plays a lot with the guys.

3. 007JoeVitto – Do you think we will ever see internal electronic regulators on paintball markers? Maybe something like a smaller version of the Angel Air?

It is possible, although I don’t think we will be able to adjust pressure electronically. You would have to have some sort of motor in the reg to be able to adjust spring pressure or cut off airflow.

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