Last weeks paintball news!

Living Legends Moving for 2018 – Living Legends Inferno will be moving for 2018. The big game will be moving to Hell Survivors about 50 miles outside of Detroit. LL11 is being moved because there is a bridge being built, over the river on the back side of the CPX property.

HK Army New Thread Protector (Red)
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HK Army New Thread Protector (Red)
  • Machined aluminum cover
  • Screws onto top of any tank regulator or valve
  • Includes two spare tank o-rings

Max Traylor Head to Baltimore Revo – Revo add Max Traylor, Revo have been a lower tier pro team since they entered the pro division 4 years ago. They did a bit better this year, finishing with an 8th place at Dallas and a 9th at world cup, but still they had a 14th, 15th and 16th place in 2017. Will adding Traylor help? Probably….Traylor played very well this year with Infamous.

Ryan Hall Rookie of Year NXL – The NXL have announced the AC Dallas player Ryan Hall is the Rookie of the Year.

Lurker Eigenbarrel V4 – The v4 still have 9in backs, is now 14.5 in rather than the 15in that the v3 was and is only 3.3oz which according Lurker makes it the lightest 14in metal barrel in paintball.

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