Overall I like the Lurker v4, it provides good value for the money. I feel like there are many factors that contribute to a paintball guns accuracy, you aren’t going to just be able to buy X barrel and it improve accuracy immesely.

What you can do though is increase the odds of you marker shooting straight, and one way to do that is by using a good barrel. The Eigenbarrel is a good barrel, it has long 9in control bores and longer control bores are known for improving consistency and thus improving accuracy.

HK Army Paintball HK Army Joint Folding...
  • Lightweight compact folaable design
  • Robust Injection Molded Polymer
  • Securely holds your paintball marker with tank and loader

The price of the Lurker barrels has always been great, there just isn’t another traditional 2pc barrel out there that offers what the Eigenbarrel does at its price, $40 and $100 is a very good price.

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