I have paid monthly for GoSports since day one. I pay, I watch every single thing they make, If I want to watch it I need to pay. I also want to support paintball and GoSports to grow.

The GoSports NXL webcast is great, every year and sometimes event to event they get better. They are using the money they we give them to improve the product. They have added stats, fantasy, cameras and bandwidth to make sure the stream doesn’t go down, it is getting better and better.

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They are also expanding, last year we say the NXL, Living Legends coverage, some live pro practices, two USXBL events and an MSXL event. This year you are getting the NXL, NXL Europe, they will also be at more USXBL tournaments this year, and there are also rumors they will be attending more NXL affiliate tournaments. So this year you are getting way more paintball than you did last year.


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