The force is the first paintball gun made by Field One, F1 is a new company that was created when Ryan Greenspan, Yosh Rau and Alex Fragie of the San Diego Dynasty purchased the company, Bob Long.

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If you are familiar with Bob Long guns of the past like the G6R or the Victory, the Force won’t be a huge surprise as it still has many of the same design cues from the past. The marker sticks with similar feedneck, Cam Drive on/off, trigger frame, deuce trigger, grips and lots of other small parts.

The Force has three main features: Adjustable foregrips, dual battery options, and the Nucleus bolt system.

Moving the foregrip is pretty simple: you remove the battery door, four more screws, flip a plate around and then reattach the foregrip. It’s a clever idea and works well, but I’m not sure why. I would be willing to bet that 98% of people that buy the Force will leave it. It needs a bit more adjustability to have more size options, rather than just the two.

There are also two batteries in the foregrip that can be removed and a Li-Po battery can be used in the trigger frame instead. The Li-Po battery is small and will only get about ¼ of the shots that the AA batteries will, but that still good for around 6,000 shots.

The Force is also coming with the Nucleus Core, which I F1 said operates at just 135psi. Like all bolts the Neclues using o-rings, but it also using u-cup seals.

Whenever you shoot a paintball gun there is always o-ring moving, that o-ring helps create a seal and help parts move freely. Over time that o-ring making contact with another surface and moving back and forth will cause the o-ring to wear, the o-ring keeps working though because it’s elastic and can fill that void. The u-cup o-ring does the same thing but has much more room to fill that wearing spot, as it has much more compliance or more ability to expand.


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