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Like every year the pro paintball season was packed with roster changes. We say Dynasty, Impact, Infamous, Ironmen, and nearly every other team makes changes, some major some not. We are going to cover just the top 5 roster changes in the NXL.

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Los Angele Ironmen – The Ironmen finished last year in 10th place overall, and that was after a major overhaul that included Kyle Spicka, Trevor Resar and for a while Damien Ryan. In 2020 the team has added Alex Rodriguez, Carlos Cortes, and Nick Slowiak.

Los Angels Infamous – Infamous always seem to be a player away from being great, they are on the cusp on winning a tournament every year. Infamous have some great veteran players in Kevin Rudolph, Thomas Taylor, and Cody Mickowski but they have lacked that aggressive attacking recently, so they brought in Cody Chong, Mike Waring, Harrison Frye, and Greg Siewers.

I missed you….Cody sorry.

San Diego Dynasty – Dynasty have made some changes because they have to. Losing A-Rod is going to hurt the team, so to fill the gaps they have added veteran Scott Kemp and neo pro Mike Urena. Urena will likely play on the snake side along with Kemp.

Edmonton Impact – Heading into 2020 Impact are looking to add a couple of veterans to their roster, in the way on Kyle Spicka and Trevor Resar The team let go Greg Siewers, Alex Rosati, and Tim Brusselback.

Tampa Bay Damage – Damage keep inching closer. Damage have one of the better rosters in the NXL: the Edwards brothers, Bryan Smith, Keith Brown, Dan Holiday, Tim Montressor, they are stack and now they have added Brad McCurley. McCurley played last year with AC Dallas.

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