Virtue Spire IV Launch Colors

VIRTUE Spire IV Electronic Paintball...
  • [Performance] - iFI integration with compatible markers | Proactive feeding logic for consistency and reliability
  • [Integration] - Wireless programming through Apple / Android App | Toolless N-Charge installation | Toolless quick-change speed feed adapter
  • [Durability] - Single hinge-mounted unit for increased durability | Magnetically attached drive assembly
  • [Convenience] - Dual LED reload indicator with integrated smart spring ramp | Toolless tray disassembly for easy cleaning
  • [Style] - Upgraded cosmetics | Injected Virtue logos | Numerous coor options to match your gear

UPDATE 07/07/20

Virtue have started to take pre-orders from dealers fo the Spire IV. The Spire IV will start at $249.95.

Exalt Paintball Carbon Series Tank Case...
  • Compatible with 45, 48, 50, 56, 68, 70, 72 and 77ci Bottles
  • Rigid, molded exterior prevents tank and regulator from dings and scratches while inside your gearbag or at the field during handling.
  • Water resistant carbon-fiber patterned exterior protects contents from elements

UPDATE 06/03/20

Some new or pricing and availability. The Spire IV is shipping now in very limited qualities, to customers that pre-order the Spire IV and the Virtue ACE. Right now the only way to buy the Spire IV is with the $2,000 Spire IV and Virtue ACE package that Virtue are selling. The Spire IV in black will go on sale individually soon, all the other colors have to be purchased with an ACE.

The Virtue Spire IV has leaked. The Spire IV is Virtues latest loader in its long line of high-end paintball hoppers.

The Spire IV is the continuation of the very popular Spire III, the Spire III debuted Virtue’s hinge design and introduced the newer drive cone.

Virtue Spire IV/Virtue Ace Package Colors

We do know that the new Spire IV will feature bluetooth and is designed to work with Virtue new marker the Virtue ACE, which is a custom version of the DLX Luxe X. The Spire I4 will pair with the Virtue Ace so the loader will be able to maintain communication with the ACE’s eyes allowing for improvements in feed rate and feed consistency, stopping and idle performance.

The Spire IV will also include a Tool-less N-Charge battery.

The Spire IV will sit along side the new released Bunkerkings CTRL in Virtues/Bunkerkings loader lineup.

There is no date and price for release as of now. (05/27/20)


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