The LV1.6 is 9v powered high-end electronic paintball gun that uses a stake tube poppet design to achieve an operating pressure of 135psi. Coupled with it’s an adjustable LPR the LV1.6’s adjustable solenoid makes makes for an extremely adjustable shot profile.

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Captain O-Ring Players Kit Large Color...
426 Reviews
Captain O-Ring Players Kit Large Color...
  • O-rings are color coded by size, eliminating the headache of matching up sizes
  • This 360 piece Players Kit contains 18 of the most common sized o-rings found in paintball equipment (20 of each size)
  • Kit includes o-rings sorted by size/color in individual compartments

The LV1.6 weighs 2.02lb, is 21.8″ in. long, has a quick release bolt, a 5-way adjustable blade trigger, low rise clamping lever feedneck, POPS on/off air source adapter and a rear liquid crystal display for operating the onboard software.

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“OK, let’s get this out of the way. This is NOT an LV2. As of right now, we can’t see a way to produce the LV2 that we feel people really want. There have been thousands of “just remove the AT Pipe” posts on the internet. Duh, if it was that easy I’d have done it. The reality is that making the LV hose-less and bring it up to CS1 or CS2 spec would require new solenoids, new grips, new foregrip, new battery housing, new regulator, new LPR, new electronics. All of those things require massive capital outlay to get to production, and as much as people think there is this huge market out there for an LV2, our figures just don’t show it as an economically viable product at this time. Maybe one day. But not right now.” – Jack Wood


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