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Over the past 5 years DLX and Planet Eclipse have dominated the tournament paintball gun market. Planet Eclipse are still the top and with guns like the LV1 and CS1 they have dominated for a long time. With a gun like the Luxe TM40 pushing the Luxe to new levels can the DLX finally best Planet Eclipse.

In this comparison we are going to over Ergonomics, Build Quality, Features, Shot Quality, Kick, Use-ability, Upgrades, Air Efficiency and Value.

Some of the sections like Use-ability, Ergonomics, Shot Quality are a little up to interpretation and feel, where is other categories like Air Efficiency and Kick are pretty straight forward.

HK Army New Thread Protector (Red)
  • Machined aluminum cover
  • Screws onto top of any tank regulator or valve
  • Includes two spare tank o-rings

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