Paintball has evolved rapidly in just 30 years, from guys playing with pump guns in the woods to athletes playing with electronic guns on airball fields. This has led to several iterations of equipment, including guns, pods and masks. It’s impressive that the Grill mask has lasted 15 years, as it remains one of the most popular masks in paintball. The recent release of the 2.0 V-Force Grill had to do what JT didn’t do with the ProFlex X and avoid any mistakes.

When the author first saw the Grill 2.0, they were impressed with its updated look, which still retains the mean appearance of the original Grill. Unlike the single-piece design of the original Grill, the 2.0 now has snap-on fabric ears, a new quick-change foam system, a new visor, and improved ventilation.

Exalt Paintball Carbon Series Tank Case...
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Exalt Paintball Carbon Series Tank Case...
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V-Force Grill 2.0 Thermal Paintball Mask...
  • The Meanest looking goggle system - Now improved with extra features while retaining all the innovations that made this mask the fastest most efficient swap parts system in the game!
  • Universal Anti Fog Thermal Lens - Same lens system as original Grill
  • New Visor Design - Easier and faster snap-in system
  • Flexsoft Ears - For increased comfort
  • Redesigned Venting - For breathability and clearer communication

Putting on the Grill 2.0 still feels like the original Grill, with the same size and general shape, goggle foam and strap. The comfort of high-end masks like the Grill is often so similar that it’s difficult to describe the differences in words. The author has always liked the way the Grill felt and never had any issues with comfort. The new snap-on fabric ears do not affect the feel of the mask, as they are similar to the soft and flexible rubber ears of the original Grill. However, the author prefers the older style, as they have seen the fabric ears of other masks peel over time. The larger size of the ears provides better head and ear protection than masks like the JT ProFlex.

The Grill’s 2.0 foam around the eyes can now be changed quickly and easily, as it is no longer part of a single foam frame. This makes changing and cleaning the foam faster, but the author has never changed the foam on any of their masks, as they prefer to buy a new mask when the foam, lens, or strap start to wear out. The author finds the snap-in foam to feel cheaper and less solid than the original style.

The author dislikes the new straps, as they are either tightly woven or looser, and the tighter weave is less comfortable and less secure. The Grill’s lenses have always been a topic of discussion, as they are smaller than other masks. While this may slightly limit the vertical field of view, it only affects it by 5% and has no impact on the side-to-side view.

The Grill 2.0 has improved ventilation compared to the original, although it is still not as good as masks from HK Army SLR, Push Unite or JT. The Grill has always echoed more than other masks, but the author thinks the 2.0’s increased ventilation will help reduce this.


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