Planet Eclipse has released their latest gun, the 180R, the follow-up to the 170R. Although the 180R is quite similar to the 170R, it has been tuned up and tweaked to make it more user-friendly. It launches in a hand-full of colors grey/blue, grey/green, grey/orange, black, and Pred camouflage.

The most significant change in the 180R is that it comes with the new OP-R Core, suprisingly the same bolt system as the CS3. While the bolt won’t perform the same in both guns due to the difference in volume inside the body, the 180R shoots quite differently from the 170R and very similarly to the CS3.

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The 180R comes with Eclipse’s new S63 Barrel system, now the same barrel that comes with most of the Planet Eclipse guns. The new barrel makes it easy to buy additional barrel backs as it takes inserts that are only $25. Additionally, the new grip frame is slimmer and comes with new grips that are tool-less and much sleeker.

Other new features of the 180R include new milling and alignment feed-neck. However, the 180R does come with a higher price tag of $1,095, which is $200 more than the 170R. Many people have complained about the high price, but Planet Eclipse has been struggling to keep prices low due to rising manufacturing costs.

In conclusion, the Planet Eclipse 180R is a great upgrade to the 170R with its improved features and design. It shoots similarly to the CS3 and comes with the new S63 Barrel and slimmer grip frame. While the price is higher than the 170R, it’s understandable given the current state of the world. Overall, the 180R is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, user-friendly paintball gun.


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