If you don’t play paintball yourself but want to buy a gift for someone who does, whether it’s Christmas, Kwanzaa or a birthday it can be a bit tricky. They might already have everything they need, and some items only work with specific paintball markers. Deciding on a gift can be tough.

Here are some accessories available on Amazon that every paintball player can use, no matter their experience or how serious they are about the game.

Valken Paintball Ball Hauler

The Valken 1000 Round Paintball Hauler is great for keeping your paintballs safe and organized during games. This sturdy plastic container can hold two bags of paint and has a large, easy-to-fill top opening. It helps keep your paintballs airtight and protected from the weather. You can use the side spout to quickly and cleanly fill your pods and hoppers, so you don’t waste any time between games!

Valken Paintball Ball Hauler/Loader -...
  • Reload your hopper and pods with ease
  • Molded handle makes it easy to hold and pour
  • Spill less paint and save money
  • Clear friction lids for top and spout

Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid

The Exalt Barrel Maid is a barrel cleaner. What sets it apart is the Rocket Disc, a soft rubber tip that clears paint without pushing it deeper. You don’t have to take off the barrel or deal with buttons. The other end has an absorbent swab for drying the barrel quickly.

Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid...
2,344 Reviews
Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid...
  • Barrel Buffer – Won’t unravel, easy to wash, cleans like a champ
  • Rocket Disk – Something you’ve never seen before. All-weather seal retracts during insertion to prevent paint going up your barrel, then expands as you pull back to remove everything in it’s way
  • Molded Shaft – Not built on a twig, this beast of squeegee is forged out of tough & flexible plastic.
  • All pieces are 100% interchangeable and 100% replaceable

Captain O-Ring Players Kit

A significant part of maintaining a paintball marker is changing the o-rings. O-rings in a marker wear out over time because they endure thousands of cycles and encounter dirt and debris. Captain O-Ring kits offer a simple and affordable way to ensure your marker stays in good condition by replacing the o-rings.

Captain O-Ring Players Kit Large Color...
426 Reviews
Captain O-Ring Players Kit Large Color...
  • O-rings are color coded by size, eliminating the headache of matching up sizes.
  • This 360 piece Players Kit LRG contains 18 of the most common sized o-rings found in paintball equipment (20 of each size)
  • Keep these o-rings on hand to replace seals in a variety of paintball equipment including your marker, to your air/CO2 tank, and other accessories requiring o-rings.
  • Kit includes o-rings sorted by size/color in individual compartments.
  • Assembled in the USA. Manufactured and Warrantied by Captain O-Ring LLC.

HK Army Goggle Camera Mount

Not everyone uses a camera mount, but its a great and fun way to capture paintball games. If you have a player in your life that uses a GoPro, this is the best mask. This camera mount easily attaches to the top of most paintball goggle systems.

HK Army Paintball Goggle Mask Camera...
792 Reviews
HK Army Paintball Goggle Mask Camera...
  • Capture first-person shooter videos of all your paintball games or tournament matches with the HK Army Goggle Camera Mount.
  • The camera mount securely screws onto the top of most paintball goggle systems (HK Army, Dye, Empire, GI Sportz, Virtue)
  • The 3 different screw length options allows the mount to be attached though the top vents of the goggle.
  • Machined aluminum topside mount and underside mounting base
  • Easily attaches onto top goggle vents with 4 screws | Includes 4 sets of mounting screws (short and long) and allen key | Includes camera mounting screw

HK Army MaxLock Pods

Every paintball player needs some pods; they’re the best way to carry extra paintballs, and these HK Army MaxLock pods lock to keep them secure.

HK Army Paintball Pods - MaxLock 185...
20 Reviews
HK Army Paintball Pods - MaxLock 185...
  • Up to 185 paintball round capacity
  • Flared interior shape designed to accelerate paintball flow rate during reload
  • Contoured Pod with enhanced geometry which makes inserting the pod into a harness holster much easier
  • Spring-loaded, push-button lid release
  • Secure-locking lid system protects accidental openings

Exalt Paintball Goggle Case

Safeguarding your mask with a goggle case is a wise move, especially when you’ve invested in a costly lens. The Exalt goggle cases stand out as a superb choice for this purpose. They not only shield your gear from harm but also maintain the pristine condition of your lens, ensuring it stays crystal clear. This straightforward precaution can go a long way in extending the life of your equipment.

Exalt Paintball Goggle Case - All...
426 Reviews
Exalt Paintball Goggle Case - All...
  • NEW Alloy STEEL Internal Support Frame prevents crushing / deformation
  • NEW Reinforced Carry Handle
  • REDESIGNED larger size fits / protects i5 and EVS goggles
  • Larger storage pocket accommodates larger phones

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