DLX Luxe ICE Pictures and Details 

Two weeks ago DLX teased everyone with a glimpse of their new Luxe. DLX released official word today that the new Luxe will be called the ICE. DLX said that the new gun would be the biggest update to the Luxe platform, and they didn’t lie.

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The ICE will have an entirely new bolt, that should see in increase in efficiency by 20% and a 40 PSI reduction in operating pressure while maintaining the classic Luxe shot. The inline regulator has also been redesigned to make maintenance quicker and simpler. DLX have also reworked the electronics, we haven’t been told entirely what this means, but it is likely we will see contact points between components instead of wires, like the Shocker RSX or Planet Eclipse CS1.

All of this is in a smaller lighter overall package.

All of this sounds dandy, the Luxe NEEDED and overhaul. My biggest complaint about the Luxe is, it’s reliability, let’s hope that the redesigned bolt and regulator make the thing work at least 70% of the time.

The DLX Luxe ICE will be debuted at the upcoming Paintball Extravaganza February 23rd-25th, and should start hitting stores in May for $1499.99.


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