Edmonton Impact have won another paintball tournament, this time in France at the conclusion of the Millennium Series season. Along with winning the tournament, Impact also secured the series title, the award given to the team that ranks the highest at the end of the season.

Impact matched up agains the TonTons, in the finals, the game was fairly un-eventful. Impact dominated the match with a 6-1 victory.

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Of all the matches played on Sunday the quarters finals were the best.

Houston Heat v Edmonton Impact. the 4th point of the match is where all the drama and excitement came from. With the clock at 7:40, the point starts and for the most part everyone sits for the next few minutes waiting for something to happen. Players end up getting whittled down, leaving only Konstantin Fedorov on the Impact side of the field and Keith Brown in his own snake two. In a last ditch effort with time whining down, Fedorov made a run to hit the buzzer. He was able to make it, but did not Impact the buzzer hard enough and in the process went out of bounds, leaving Brown alive. Brown just stood up and went to the Heat side of the field, hit the buzzed to end the point, giving Impact to point. Impact went on win the match 4-1.

In the same grouping as the Impact/Heat game was the TonTons versus Breakout match. The best point of the match, was a situation where Berdnikov and Gravalon of the TonTons were left against four Breakout players. Gravalon in the dorito two and Berdnikov in the snake two. At the same time Duchene of Breakout decides to run the highway to bunker Berdnikov and Berdnikov decided to retreat out of the snake. As Berdnikov is running backwards and Duchene forward, Berdnikov manages to shoot Duchene and stay alive. Seriously Awesome!. Berdnikov is able to shoot two more Breakout players, only to loose focus and not check-off the W — Knauf at the W ends up shooting Berdnikov in the open then wraps to shoot Gravalon also standing in the open. After Berdnikov amazing point all lead to Breakout taking the point. The match ends up going to overtime, with TonTons winning with the help of a Breakout penalty.

The final match between Impact and TonTons was a bit dull. Keith Brown did hide in the snake for about 4 minutes with no TonTon players left, burning about four minutes off the clock. after about three minutes the crowd started to boo…shortly after Brown hit the buzzed and played up the crowd by jumping around.


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