Following the increasing trend with making paintball pants and jersey lighter and lighter, Planet Eclipse has released the Program and Elite pants. Both the Program and Elite pants should be considerably lighter than the predecessors the HDE and Code pants, that shouldn’t be hard as both pants were stupid heavy.

At first glance the pants look to be the same just different colors, but there are in fact two different pairs of pants being released.

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The Elite pants will be released in Planet Eclipse’s HDE camouflage pattern and the Program in black. While made of the same fabrics, thickness and weight the similarities stop there. The Elite will have a slightly thicker knee pad and a few more pockets, the Program will be a bit lighter and have a more athletic fit. Both pants will still come with Planet Eclipse Kevlar knee pads.

Neither the Elite or the Program will be the lightest pants on the market, but thats not the point. Planet Eclipse is trying to meet a balance of durability and weight. The Dye UL and HK Army Freeline pants will probably be lighter, but they also likely wont last as long.

Look to see them in store Mid-December at $169.95



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