First the name. PBrack already have a harness called the Jetpack! Really. Dye just named their new harness the same thing as one of their competitors harnesses. :sigh:

Dye have never had an affordable harness, Dye always reached for the top end of the market. Dye do have a more affordable harness option, in the Proto Fighter. The Fighter comes in two sizes and starts at just $35.95. Over the past year there has been a shortage of the Fighter harness, and it looks like Dye will be replacing the Fighter with the Jet Pack. The Jet Pack comes in a 3+4, 4+5 and starts at just $44.95, the harness is on sale now at

Captain O-Ring Players Kit Large Color...
  • O-rings are color coded by size, eliminating the headache of matching up sizes
  • This 360 piece Players Kit contains 18 of the most common sized o-rings found in paintball equipment (20 of each size)
  • Kit includes o-rings sorted by size/color in individual compartments

Naming aside it looks pretty good. The Jet pack is simple and priced well.

Dye Jet Pack Harrness


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