UPDATE 2/21/17: NPPL Cancel First Tournament

The NPPL news keeps rolling in, this time we have some dates, locations and some field/layout updates.

The first NPPL event of 2017 will be held April 7th – 9th, just outside of Sacramento at West Coast Adventure Park. If the West Coast names sounds familiar, it’s because they just hosted the Dead Legends big games back in October.

The field dimension will be 180ft x 100ft just like we reported two weeks ago. Games will be split up between four different field styles: airball, woods, hyperball and a mounds field.

Entry has also been announced; Pro: $2500, Amateur A: $1,500, Amateur B: $1,000

Prizes will be


1st $10,000
2nd $5,500
3rd $2,000

Amateur A 

1st $5,000
2nd $2,500
3rd $1,250

Amateur B

1st $2,500
2nd $1,250
3rd $625

The league will also be using APPA to schedule games and rank player.

Pro = Pro APPA
Amateur A = Division 1 and Division 2 APPA
Amateur B = Division 3 and lower

Last week I assumed that the NPPL was going to be strictly airball due to the field dimensions, I’m really happy I was wrong. The paintball community already has to many airball style tournaments, it is great to see the NPPL trying something new (or maybe old?)


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