The master minds behind the original Adrenaline Angel and most recently the Adrenaline Shocker, just dropped the Adrenaline Luxe on us.

The Adrenaline Luxe is based on the Luxe X but carries many differences.

Along with looking very very cool, the Adrenaline Luxe also has a new bolt system the F-16 bolt that operates at near 100 psi for a 30% reduction in operating pressure. The F-16 bolt is also coated in Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) giving the bolt surface an extremely smooth fishing, allowing the gun to achieve those lower pressures, making o-rings last longer, more consistent pressure, there is a long list that can come from having a very smooth bolt surface.

The Luxe also features a custom Freak XL barrel back, that matches the gun and come with a .687 SS Freak XL insert.

A mechanical single trigger frame is also going to be included!

These are going to be very limited can start at $2,000 for base colors at

Adrenaline Luxe Review and Shooting


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