This is a FreeFlow Clutch autococker, in the classic full-body length.


I borrowed this to show off. That crazy anodizing is the first thing that stands out. Arc Anodizing did anodizing; a neat part about ordering a FreeFlow is you get to pick the anodizing and the anodizer.

The FreeFlow cockers are the first paintball guns to ship with new Dye autococker parts, the DFF-20 3-Way, DFF-20 low-pressure regulator, DFF-20 Hyper Regulator, DFF-20 LokDwn Feedneck, and the Clutch uses the classic FreeFlow SMC ram.

Dye used to make autococker parts, and they sucked. Back in 2003, Dye was making complete autocockers are parts. They looked cool, but they were pretty bad, but they were cheaply made and didn’t perform very well. The new Dye DFF-20 parts are better in every way; they are more adjustable, simpler to adjust, and just built better.

That doesn’t mean they are perfect, though. I feel that some manufactures like Inception Designs or Palmers make better and higher autococker quality parts.

Overall the Clutch is an excellent high-end autococker. It shoots great, I’m a fan of the trigger frame and oversized trigger shoes, trigger frame and body, and very high quality. Everything is great; maybe just the Dye parts are a bit lacking.

Eric also opted to stick with the standard barrel option, the Dye UL-S Barrel Kit.

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