The DSR+ is a mid-range/high-end electronic paintball gun, it’s $1000 and designed to complete with the Shocker AMP, Planet Eclipse 170R and I guess the MacDev XDR.

Just as the name would suggest the DSR+, is not a major departure from the DSR, it’s not the DSR2, its the DSR+ or maybe DSR 1.5, it’s not going to still have many of the features we say on the DSR.

The DSR+ still has a similar shape and style to the DSR. The trigger frame is very similar and still has the hourglass shape that Dye is known for, the fore-grip is still the same shape, so overall its going to have the same feel as the original DSR.

DYE DSR+ Paintball Marker (Silver...
  • Arc+ Bolt System- Improved consistency
  • Flex SFR Solenoid
  • Edge2 Trigger
  • Quick-turn Battery Cover Lock Knob
  • Leverlock Clamping Feedneck

The Edge2 trigger is also crazy, while its looks kinda of crazy, I don’t know, it works ok. I think I would still switch to a deuce trigger. Just like many of the Dye paintball guns you can adjust the trigger from the side of the gun. There are a pair of screws on the side of the grip frame that adjust the post and pre travel on the trigger.

The DSR+ also adds the ARC+ bolt system. The changes to the bolt are not huge and really doesn’t effect the way the gun shoots all that much.

When the DSR was released it came with the ARC bolt, and about a two years latter Dye released the Flex Can and Flex Bolt the can allowed you to tweak the way the DSR shot and the bolt helped reduce roll back and it had a soft face, now the DSR+ comes with the Flex bolt and version of the Flex Can.

The biggest change to the bolt system is the SFR. The Solenoid Flow Restrictor, the SFR lets you adj. how much air the solenoid is using. Turning the SFR up will open the solenoid allowing more air flow, this will use more air but will make the gun a little easier on paintballs. Turning it down, or cutting off air flow and make the gun a bit more kicky or responsive and more air efficient.

Shooting the DSR+ feels I think nearly identical to the DSR, this is what I thought about the original DSR…I still feel that way now, actually I think that at least this DSR+ shoots better that any DSR I have shot before its maybe even a bit quieter and kicks even less than the DSR. I really really like it, I said this just a little over a month ago…and really I still like the way the TM40 shoots, but I prefer the way the DSR+ shoots. It kicks so little that I though the velocity was low…they shoot very well. It shoots better than a lot any Dye gun, really it reminds me a lot of a DM5 I had a very long time ago.


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