HK Army make some of the best paintball bags and rolling gear bags you can buy and yes they are for sure worth it.

HK Army bags in are made very well. They use high-quality durable fabrics, great zippers and the sticking is great.

HK Army Expand Roller Paintball Travel...
  • Microfiber Lined Goggle Compartment
  • Telescopic Handle w/ Rubber Grip
  • Smooth Glide Wheels
  • Ergonomic Detachable Padded Backpack Shoulder Straps
  • Padded Interior Marker Compartment

It’s worth asking yourself if you need a rolling gear bag or if a smaller bag like the HK Army Expand bag would work.

I’ve been playing paintball for over 20 years and find I like the smaller bags. I take what I need to the paintball field and nothing extra, so the smaller bag work for me. If you take some extra gear or a backup set of clothes the larger rolling style bag might be the best fit.

HK Army Expand Bag Review


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