Paintball tanks come in a variety of materials, pressures and size these are my favorite tanks right now.

Best cheap compressed air tank
Best carbon fiber tank
Best CO2 tanks

Best cheap compressed air tank

Ninja 48/3000

Ninja are known for making tanks its all they make and it’s their speciality. They make many size and have some of the best regulators. The 48/3000 is made from aluminum and is the most sold paintball tank size, its the prefect size and price for the new paintball player.

The Aluminum 48/3000 is a tried and true tank size that has stood the test of time. It strikes the perfect balance between capacity and weight, offering enough shots without becoming overly cumbersome. With the 48/3000 tank, you can expect around 500 shots.

While the Ninja 48/3000 tank may come at a slightly higher price compared to other options like the HK Army tank below, their reputation for producing top-notch, reliable regulators makes it a worthwhile investment. You can trust in the performance and durability of a Ninja tank, ensuring a smooth and consistent air supply for your paintball setup.

HK Army 48/3000

HK Army are on top of paintball. They make some of the best gear in the game. HK Army’s 48/3000 is no different, it comes with a great regulator and a great price.

The HK Army 48/3000 tank is an exceptional value in the paintball market. With a price tag under $50 (technically), it offers great performance and affordability. For new players seeking a high-quality tank without breaking the bank, this is the perfect choice.

While Ninja tanks are made in the USA and feature brass regulators, the HK Army tank offers comparable performance at a more budget-friendly price. The slight price difference can be attributed to these factors. Rest assured, the HK Army tank delivers excellent performance similar to higher-end aluminum tanks, making it a smart investment for any paintball player.

Best carbon fiber paintball tanks

Ninja Carbon Fiber Lite 68/4500

The top of the tank word in owned by Ninja, they have for over a decade made the best tanks in paintball. This is their standard 68 CI / 4500 PSI, it comes with Ninja’s adjustable output pressure regulator and the Lite bottle.

In the world of paintball tanks, carbon fiber tanks are the best you can get. They are much lighter than aluminum tanks and can hold 4500 PSI instead of 3000 PSI. This means you get a smaller, lighter tank that can provide more shots. The Ninja Lite 68/4500 tank, although similar in length to the Aluminum 48/3000, is lighter and can deliver 1000 shots, nearly twice as many as the 48/3000.

Being manufactured in the USA by Ninja also ensures that it comes with one of the best regulators available in the game. With the Ninja Lite 68/4500 tank, you’re getting top-notch performance and quality.

Best CO2 paintball tanks

Maddog 20oz CO2 Tank

For the most part all Co2 tanks are all the same, they do come in different sizes, but they all have the same value style, so there is little difference between brands. The Maddog tanks are know to be reliable and a bit cheaper than the competition.

CO2 paintball tanks are indeed straightforward. They consist of a tank and a valve. When you attach the tank to the paintball gun, the valve’s pin is pushed down, releasing the CO2. This simple design is used by all manufacturers, whether it’s a Maddog tank or an HK Army tank. Regardless of the brand, they all operate in the same way, making it easy to use and interchange tanks across different paintball guns.


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