The HK Army Hive Mini GS marker is a pretty cool piece of gear, but let’s talk about the price first. It’s a bit on the expensive side. But hey, it does look really cool, especially when you compare it to other private label markers we’ve seen, like the Fossil LV2 and the Project G G2 LV2. In my opinion, the Hive Mini GS wins in the looks department.

I also like the color; that’s actually why I got this marker. It’s hard to resist how cool it looks. Just check it out – the design is slick. I did notice that if you hold it up too high, it gets a bit too bright, so watch out for that.

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Now, as for the price, this version right here is $230 more than the base Mini GS, which comes with a standard barrel. There’s another version with a laser barrel, and that one is $175 more than the base. So, you’re looking at $575 for this beauty. But for that price, you could get yourself an Ether 3, which, let’s be honest, is a better marker.

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But there are some upgrades with the Hive Mini GS. You get a better body, a milled back cap, and a superior aluminum feed neck. Plus, I really like the trigger. It’s got that Deuce style, and I’m a fan. The Mini GS and the Axe 2.0 triggers already feel good, and this one’s no different.

In the end, it’s a cool marker, but the price is a bit too steep. Most people who buy markers like these are looking for something around the $400 range. Will anyone buy it? Maybe, but it might not be the most popular choice. Personally, I’d rather stick with something in that price range. So, back into the box it goes.


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