The new Shocker Era has seen some significant changes. For all you Shocker fans, it might still resemble the Shocker AMP or XLS, which is a good thing. One of the key features people loved about these guns is their compact, lightweight design. However, some folks didn’t like the smaller foregrip, which was pretty slim. But this time, they’ve made it slightly larger, offering a better fit for more hand. The grips and front grip are now made of a softer, more grippy material compared to the old rubbery ones.

They’ve also redesigned the bolt cap, making it slimmer and easier to handle. Previously, replacing the eyes was a bit tricky, but they’ve addressed that issue. The new design includes a groove for the O-ring, keeping the eye board securely in place. They’ve also improved the eye wire setup to make it more durable. The trigger has been redesigned, and they’ve added a feature to prevent over-adjusting and damaging the micro switch.

HK Army Paintball HK Army Joint Folding...
94 Reviews
HK Army Paintball HK Army Joint Folding...
  • Lightweight compact folaable design
  • Robust Injection Molded Polymer
  • Securely holds your paintball marker with tank and loader

Most internal regulator parts remain the same, but there have been changes in how air flows internally, allowing for higher flow.

The package includes a Freak XL Version 2 barrel, which matches the gun’s design. New bolt upgrades, promises a faster cycle and improved reliability.

The new design looks sleek and simple, reminiscent of older Shockers from the 2000s. This simplicity might allow more room for experimentation and customization, like the many custom Shocker versions we’ve seen in the past. I hope to see more exciting milling on the Shocker in the future.


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