How we score product reviews

Reviewing new paintball gear can be a funny thing. Everyone is going to have their own predilection and a unique take on things. will always tire to make our reviews uniform, so reading one review to the next will flow.

Our reviews are centered the reviewer actual experience with the paintball gun, tank or other product. We want to use the products and experience everything about it before voicing our opinions of the product. We will never write a review from hearing about things second hand or reading a spec sheet.

Testing Categories

Sound Signature – Testing sound signature of markers is an odd thing to test. No one persons ears or barrel will sound the same. This is solely an opinion, although sometimes it is very obvious ie a Tippmann 98 is always louder than a Luxe.

Air Efficiency – Testing air efficiency is a pretty straight forward process. We use the stock barrel the marker comes with, when possible we barrel match paintballs, set velocity to 285FPS, fill a 68/4500 compressed air tank and shoot as many paintballs as we can until the velocity drops to 250 FPS. This gives us an idea of typical air efficiency.

Ergonomics – Unlike most of the other tests we do, ergonomics is a section that is all biased on preference. It is hard to quantify how a gun feels in the hands of a user, but we do our best to explain in the review how something feels.

Affordability/Value – The value of something when compared to other items in the same category.

Reliability – We base this from our own experience playing with the product, and past experience with products from the same manufacturer or of similar type.

Number Rating

  1. Horrible.
  2. Still horrible, but not as bad
  3. Not horrible, but still not recommended
  4. Needs improvement
  5. Mediocre
  6. Good. But has room for improvement
  7. Very Good. A few flaws but is still worthwhile
  8. Excellent. Very little room for improvement
  9. Near perfect.
  10. Perfect. You won’t see use give this away that often. Something has to be truly amazing or near perfect to receive a 10.