Paintball Gun Rankings and Scores

Which paintball gun is the best?

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All of the gun above I have used multiple times. For the most part, the scores are my opinion.

Scale: 1 is the worst, 10 is the best.

Sound: How loud is it? When comparing sound/loudness between guns, I think about which gun I have shot that is the loudest and which gun is the quietest and then I give the gun the appropriate score.

Kick: How much does a gun kick? Kick is done pretty much the same way as to sound.

Efficiency: How many shots does the marker get?

Ergonomics: How does the gun feel in the hands? This is very much dependent on preference, but I try to take a look at how I feel and what others are saying. For example, I do not like the Shocker XLS ergonomics but still gave it 2 extra points to make it a 6 instead of the 4 I would have given it because there are other people that like it. Ergonomics and Desirability are the only two categories that I look at other people’s opinions.

Reliability: Does the gun keep on shooting?

Easy of use: How easy is it to take apart? This is mainly looking at how long and how difficult guns are to take apart for repair or cleaning. Does it have a lot of screws like a Tippmann or does it have a lot of tool-less parts like the DLX Luxes.

Features: How many features do it have and are they good? Is the gun high on features of is it barebones.

Value: Is it worth the money? Sometimes paintball guns can outperform their prices the Emek is a great example.

Desirability: Do people actually want it?

Date: Date gun was released, or as close as I can find.

Weight: Gun, stock barrel, and battery

Price: Price at release, or as close as I can find.