Just in time for the release of the Gtek 160R, the price of the Shocker RSX has dropped to $699.95 a $100 drop in price.

Shocker Paintball had this to say:

“The Shocker RSX has always been the best value in high end paintball markers. And the new pricing takes it a step further, delivering the performance the Shocker RSX has been known for at an even more unbeatable price.”

In my eyes the Gtek 160R was made to compete directly with the Shocker RSX. Planet Eclipse was looking to own the mid-range market, they had the Gtek and Etek 5 at $550 and now the Gtek 160R at $800. The pricing of the Gtek 160R was right on par with the Shocker RSX, now that the RSX is $100 lower will it outsell the Gtek 160R?


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