For the past few months there have been rumors flying around, that BLAST (Bob Long Technologies) was for sale. Today that the announcement and the sale are official.

For those who don’t know Crandall, he has been involved with paintball for nearly 20 years. He was an original member or the Iron Kids and Dynasty. Crandall up until he purchased BLAST, helped advise Dynasty and helped manage some aspects of the team. As of now will be removing himself from any involvement with the team, to eliminate any conflict of interest.

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This is good news for Bob Long fans, moving forward it looks that the company will be more active. Crandall said, “We hope to have some new stuff an Extravaganza in February, but I’ll wait to make any kind of announcement until we have a firm eta.” BLAST will also be traveling to events and possibly sponsoring some teams in 2017.

Long will still be involved with the company, Bob will spend most of his time working on products and will likely travel to events.

With Crandall past involvement with Dynasty and now owning BLAST, could this mean Dynasty is going to shoot Bob Long guns? For any of you Bob Long/Dynasty fans, don’t get your hopes up. It is unlikely that BLAST at this point could support a team such as Dynasty, maybe in 2018 but unlikely in 2017.



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