What is the difference between speedball and woodsball?

Speedball is a fast-paced, tournament-style game played on a small, symmetrical field. The field is usually on grass or artificial turf field that’s around 150×120 feet and features inflatable bunkers that are arranged in a specific pattern (layout). The games are typically timed and players are eliminated from the game when they are hit by a paintball. The objective of the game is usually to eliminate all of the opposing team’s players or to capture a flag (or hit buzzer) located on the opposite side of the of the field. Players use electronic paintball markers and hoppers.

Woodsball, on the other hand, is played in a natural outdoor setting, such as a wooded area or an abandoned building. The field is much larger and more open than a speedball field, and there are typically no inflatable bunkers. Players may hide behind natural cover like trees, bushes, and rocks. The games can be timed or played until one team eliminates all of the opposing players. The objective of the game can vary, but it may involve capturing a flag, defending a specific location, or eliminating all of the opposing players. Woodsballs draws all types of people, but magazine-fed and scenario style guns are very popular.

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