Earlier in the week the CXBL announced that they would be the exclusive partner to the NXL in Canada. Great news for those us that want to see a unified format for paintball around the world. Some interesting news that came out in the press release though is that the two league will be sharing overall points standing. So it looks like that if you would like to win the overall series in either league you will need to play at least on NXL or CXBL event. Lets pretend you are D4 team and play all the NXL and CXBL events and finish 15th at every tournament, you would know probably win the series titles in both leagues simply for showing up. This harks back to the old days of when the NPPL had feeder series that teams could earn points by playing. I Don’t Like It.

The CXBL is please to announce that participation ears overall series points in the NXL.



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