In a not so surprising move (for those who follow the world of  tournament paintball) the Millennium has made the switch to the WBPO 500 format.

Last year the Millennium Series introduced us to the idea of M500 which has now morphed into WPBO 500. It’s pretty simple, every player gets 560 paintballs, one 280 round loader, and two 140 round pods. Once on the field players can trade pods and divide the paintballs up however they see fit.

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WBPO 500 is supposed to reduce the overall cost of tournament play by limiting paintball consumption at practices and during tournament play. With the limited paint format teams will be able to predict an exact amount of paint used at tournaments and possible play more at practices.

On the other hand of this whole WPBP, MS and NXL relationship. The NXL and Millennium seem to be becoming less and less like each other. Next year, may be a different story and the NXL will likely make the switch the limited paintball format as well.


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