UPDATE: This mask was originally released as the Base Paintball GS-O and GS-F. Base as attempt by Virtue Paintball to create a lower-end brand although they quickly sold the mask to Carbon Paintball and it is now called the Carbon OPR, same exact mask just different name.

Carbon Paintball CRBN OPR Paintball...
  • Two Layer Thermal Lens Quick change lens and foam system
  • Built-in Visor - The built in visor provides added lens protection and cuts glare in all conditions. Also comes with a built-in chin strap to meet field and tournament requirements
  • Strong and comfortable polymer construction
  • Woven strap with silicone non-slip coating
  • Contoured profile with canted mask venting

Base is a paintball company most of have probably have never heard of it’s Virtues lower end brand, that designed to fit the market the Virtues has never served.

Overall I really like the Base, whether it is in the Single GS-F version or the GS-O, they extremely breathable, easy to clean, comes with great lenses and for the most part feel great.

My fav mask at the Base GS-O price is still the JT ProShield. The ProShield is quite a bit smaller, something that doesn’t bother me, Im not considered with having tons of protection. The ProShield is more comfortable on the ears though, the GS might breath a bit better but the ProShield is good enough, the lenses are a nightmare to remove and and foam is not replaceable, but that added comfort does it for me. But the Base GS-O would be my second choice.


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