Check out the new 2024 NXL Bunker Set. They’re introducing 14 snake beams for the upcoming 2024 season and removed two Small Cakes. Yeah, that’s right, 14 of them!

But here’s the thing – you don’t have to use all these bunkers. They’re not mandatory. Some folks reckon it’s gonna make the snake plays insanely intense every time, but that might not be the case. Adding all these snake beams doesn’t mean everyone’s gonna be using them on the field.

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They’ve actually swapped out two of the little cake bunkers from the previous layout, which were kinda useless. Now, with this new setup, it looks gnarly!

I always dig new bunkers; they spice up the game. Makes me excited for the first tournament of the year.

Some field owners might not be thrilled ’cause it means getting new bunkers. But hey, it’s all about keeping things interesting!


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